Our Grand Opening


Wow! It has been 2 months since our Grand Opening! Every morning as we walk through our door, we are so happy to know it wasn’t just a dream. It took so many people to make this happen and we want to take this time to say thank you to those who have helped and supported. Our grand opening was a night we will never forget.





Lisa Cherry, from The Makery, who offered the opportunity to open our shop and be her neighbor.


IMG_6579 IMG_6584

The wonderful management group from Community and neighbors, who welcomed us with open arms.

Our husbands, who listened to us talk about our dreams and supported us all the way.

Each and every artist who has their handmade merchandise and art in the shop.

Our families and friends, we know some of you traveled a long way to be with us on this very important night and we are so grateful for that.

A big thank you to our photographer, Jack Castillo. Working so hard to catch all of the magic!

Partybot Funtime Explode for the amazing music they played at our opening.




Seychelle, the face painter and owner of Sweet Cheeks So Cal, who did a fantastic job on all those beautiful faces.


Christian, the awesome caricature artist and owner Party Faces.


Ruben who worked so hard with his son selling the most delicious tamales!




Thank you to everyone who came out for our big day and who continue to shop locally each week.

We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon at our shop!


IMG_6736  IMG_6688

IMG_6674   IMG_6629 IMG_6783 IMG_6683  IMG_6691 IMG_6699 IMG_6713        IMG_6792   IMG_6841 IMG_6885    IMG_6976     IMG_7100    IMG_7105 IMG_7117  IMG_7172

IMG_7307  IMG_7086


Photos by Jack Castillo


A Little Known Shop

Eva and Danielle

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