90s Gallery and Craft Show

90s-Nostalgia-Art-Gallery-and-Craft-Show-FlyerTo say that the event this last Saturday was a success would be an understatement. So we will just say that is was EPIC!


This was our first attempt to incorporate a gallery into our craft event. We chose the 90s nostalgia theme as it is something a lot of us remember and love.


From t.v. shows, cartoon characters, movies, music to electronics,  we think everyone could relate to the pieces that hung on our walls. Laughter and awe filled the gallery all night as people reminisced with friends and shared stories with their children.


Our youngest artists were from Crafternoons, a summer children’s program that was offered by The Makery. Children were able to come in each week and learn how to cartoon and craft. The final cartooning class allowed the children to make an animation cel. They learned about 2D animation and how the process worked. Their cels hung in the children’s gallery.

youngcartoonist Young artist with her animation cel of Patrick from the Spongebob cartoon.

 Along with these artists who ranged in age from 5-10 years old, was the daughter of an artist who had his work in the gallery. She displayed her first 2 art gallery pieces next to her father’s and sold both!

Youngartist Both of her pieces sold: “Powerpuffed” and “Take That, City of Townsville”

Our craft vendors were set up and ready to sell as soon as we opened. Our guests loved each booth and were leaving with handmade goodies all night. The info booth at the main entrance had 5 swag bags which were handed to the first 5 guests. After that, 90s candy was offered upon entering the show, and people would yell out, “Ring Pops, Bubble Tape, and POP Rocks!”.



During the event, we had our first ever POG tournament, which now will be an annual event.  Everything was ready to go, right down to the handmade POG bags and slammers that our very own Danielle made. You could hear the cheers of the winners as they climbed the bracket to try and win the grand prize. It came down to a husband and wife who threw their slammers down to the very end!


Due to the excitement and great feedback, another tournament will be held one more time at the gallery’s closing reception on Friday, September 20th, 5pm-10pm.


Our raffle table is always filled with wonderful donated handmade items and original artwork, but this event had some pieces that were just unbelievable. A portion of the raffle proceeds were going back to Community, our retail center, to help with more lighting and fixtures. We raised more money than ever before and we know it was because of the generous raffle prizes!


The Makery, a craft studio inside of Community, was offering a terrarium building project. You could choose between 3 sizes of jars and fill it with colorful rocks, soil, and succulance, then add a flag you design. The studio was filled all night with so many artistic minds creating their very own to take home.


The 90s photobooth was a lot of fun. We asked guests to write messages on the background and take photos with fun props.


All of Community’s shops were open: RSSA Vintage, Rosie Posie Baby, The Makery, and Ceremony. So many guests were going in and out of the small business shops that inhabit the retail courtyard.

As we always seem to find food vendors who are more than willing to come out, Ruben, our tamale specialist from our grand opening came out. He sells at the Bixby Park farmer’s market in Long Beach every Tuesday from 3-7:30pm if you missed it.

Leading up to our event, we decided to have our fans and followers on Instagram and Facebook vote for their favorite 90s movie. Once voting was closed, only we knew what movie won and we decided to keep it a secret. After our event festivities were coming to a close, we showed the surprise movie under the stars: Jurrasic Park!Guests stayed with their children and friends to watch this classic movie that still looks amazing to this day.


We were so excited to know have such a big turnout and want to thank those of you for coming out, spreading the word and supporting local art!

Our artists from the 90s gallery:
jov! Aquino – The Art of Jov
jordan Aquino
David G. Wagner – Dot Problems
Wendell Nesbit – Aseph
Dennis Salvatier – Tanoshiboy
Mike Collins – Tiki Machine
Audrey Miller – Audrey Miller Art

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