Handmade for the Holidays!


The turnout was fantastic for the pop up shops, handmade event, “Dr. Who Charity Art Show Extravaganza”, and Grilled Cheese Truck.


We loved all those who came out and supported local handmade, original art and charity. If you were among one of the many attendees, you would understand how awesome the whole day was.


Craftshow5Craftshow11    Craftshow10


This was our first event during the day and the weather was gorgeous! As soon as the event started, the guests began arriving quickly. Some who attended were for the charity art show,  Naranjita Flamenco’s performances, and for shopping at the craft event. No matter what they came for, they were surprised at the many different festivities going on.

           Craftshow6   Craftshow9

The Dr. Who charity gallery raised almost $2000 for the “Friends and Helpers” charity because of wonderful collectors of all ages. There were 65 pieces donated to the gallery from all over the world and almost every piece sold. The Tiki Machine Shop did a wonderful job organizing the art show and we were so honored to have it run on the same day as our event. Their shop will be closing at the end of December, so be sure to stop by before they are gone. They will be having more galleries at Community in the near future.

                   Craftshow7  Craftshow18


One of the pop up shops for just 2 weekends (wish it was longer) was called, “A Cookie Club” by ToastyCo. Their shop was filled with vegan and gluten-free baked goods, we could swear they were not good for you because they were scrumptious! Along with the delicious baked goods, they offered chai tea, boxed water, and more. We hope to have them back again soon.


The Makery craft studio was filled with students learning to make needle-felted terrariums. The studio offers many workshops to choose from, make sure you check out the calendar. It is always so fun to watch students create and learn wonderful new hand making skills.


One of the other pop up shops, Cat MacGregor Photography, was offering fun photo booths inside of her gallery. Her store front was showcasing her work in a beautiful gallery while offering photo sessions in one of the rooms.  To book a session with Cat, please inquire through her website.  Her pop up studio and gallery will only be open until the end of December.

 Craftshow19   Craftshow20

Every event needs amazing food, along with baked goods, so we invited the Grilled Cheese Truck. It was  hard to choose what sandwich we wanted, so everyone shared about what one they chose. We think it’s a good idea to have them back so we can all try something new:)


Photos by Naranjita Flamenco


During the event, Naranjita Flamenco came out and performed for our guests, and, as usual, were extremely entertaining. Everyone gathered around quickly to watch all ages perform on stage. If you would like to inquire about dance classes for beginners-advanced, please email through the Facebook page.

                    Craftshow14  Craftshow15

                    Craftshow16  Craftshow17


We hope to have you all back again, and if you missed it, please make sure to follow us on Facebook to learn about monthly events at Community and our shop’s quarterly shows. A Little Known Shop’s next event will be March 15, 2014 for our annual CRE-8-BIT theme, which will include video game/pixel handmade merchandise, art and more! Hope to see you there!

Our “Handmade for the Holidays” vendors:


Backseat Driver Baby

Bailes of Yarn

Deceptively Geek

Down Right Epic

F.O.E. Industries

Goodspeed Empire

Hand and Paw

Kellsworth Ink.

Little Red Wagon

Made in the O.C.



Sleeping Bear Quilts


Traditionally Unique

Viva Los Cupcakes

Zona Sherman Designs

 Craftshow21  Craftshow22


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